About Social Media Posting Services

The internet is creating changes to society, which is transforming society. Social Media is at the forefront of this. The average user spends on average 3 hours per day on Social Media daily. Social media can either make or break the value of your brand.

A business owner who posts frequently on social media is an extremely time-consuming job as it is extremely difficult for people in charge of the business to control their social media accounts in an innovative way that will engage ordinary users. DFY Posting Service provides you social media post templates designed and scheduled 3-4 times per week. Marketing for real estate, mortgage, coaches and businesses.

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It is true that Social Media is a vast ocean that if you don't know how to navigate, your efforts will be wasted. If you're a business owner, your schedule is filled with many tasks. 

It is a term used to describe a collection of multiple platforms which comprises Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and many others. For business owners it can be very difficult to grasp the nature of each platform.

A Social Media Statistic You Should Be Keeping Your Eyes on

  • The average user spends 2.3 hours per day using social media.

  • A typical user has 7 Social media profiles.

  • One third of users on social media purchase products that they find on social media.

  • More than 80percent of small and medium businesses utilize social media at least in part.

  • More than 45 percent of users of social media are aged 18-29.