Cooking Black Truffle Sea Salt and Scrambled Eggs

Black Truffle Salt helps to make any dish more delicious. A hint of Truffle in your cooking will enhance the dish to a new height of taste and enjoyment. Try using black truffle salt on your next pasta recipe, main dish, or even as a dip. The versatility of this salty sea salt has enabled it to be used not only as a seasoning but as a culinary ingredient. It enhances the flavor of any dish and can add a special touch to savory meats, cheeses, seafood, and poultry dishes.

There is a wide variety of black truffles on the market. Each type of truffle has its own distinctive flavor. Italian white truffle salt offers a softer flavor, whereas black truffle salt provides an intense and rich flavor. With a little black truffle salt on your next baked potato, you will notice the difference in the texture and the flavor. This rich and intense sea salt really adds a flavor enhancement to any recipe.

Many people often notice that with salty dishes, black truffle sea salt is an ideal addition. The earthy flavors that accompany these salty pastes and crackers are highly desirable. Using black truffle salt in savory soups, stews, beans, dips, salads, and vegetables will enhance the flavors and nutritive value of the dish. This finishing seasoning will bring out the natural texture and richness of the dish.

In contrast to the earthy flavors that accompany Italian truffles, black truffle sea salt creates a very strong and distinctive aroma. This very strong sea salt has a rich nutty aroma and a distinct earthy flavor that are not at all like the more floral or nutty scents that come from Italian style truffles. Some would even call it putty! The very idea that this salty powder is in essence a nutty flavor is insulting! Nutty would be better described as "crispy" and not "sea".

What sets this salt apart from other forms of truffle is that it is made by curing an entire nut, taking out all of its insides, then lightly roasting it. Afterward, it is dried over charcoal and then coated in an apple cider vinegar solution to protect it from further oxidation. This process gives this type of salt its distinctive earthy taste. Many consider it a much stronger flavor than the more floral Italian style flavors, but those with strong agave flavors will not have any problem taking to the salt. In fact, this salty finishing salt might even have a slightly bitter flavor on its own, which can be tamed by a little water or white vinegar.

Of course, the key to enjoying this salty treasure is to know how to balance it against the other characteristics of it. First, note that there are two major characteristics of this salty treat. The first is the earthy, spicy, and almost peppery aroma that sometimes results from letting the salt flakes become stale after they have been exposed to air for too long. The other is the silky texture and the slightly bitter and tangy aroma that some find offensive. While aged cheeses such as Stilton and Gorgonzola are known for having a savory complexity that brings out the best of the flavor of the cheese, black truffle has a somewhat acidic quality that creates its own unique aroma.

A combination of aged cheeses along with a fresh hint of lemon juice and a dash of cream will bring out the earthy/spicy/herbal characteristics of the flavor. Pairing it with fresh fruit pieces such as raspberries will create a delectable aroma that is reminiscent of the scent of balsamic vinegar. Aioli and fresh mint leaf also add to the freshness. While this may seem like a truffle overload, you can still add in your favorite spices such as fennel or Rosemary for even more depth to the aroma.

Black truffle salt comes in different forms, in bag form, in a cube, in a scoop, in a dish, or even in a pellet. There are even manufacturers who produce it in large quantities in large boxes that can be placed directly on truffles or used in other cooking tasks. Because of its versatile use, it is commonly included in many a recipe. It is used in baking, in salami, in bread and in seafood dishes. You can even buy it in small packets, so you can keep your pantry stocked. For many years, it has remained a favorite addition to many a classic recipe.