Facebook Plans to Remove Manychat Bots From Its Interface

Facebook Chatbot is now considered a new product of Facebook. But how different is it from other products of Facebook? I mean, how different can it be compared to the existing bot platforms such as FacebookBot, FacebookRevealed, or FacebookSense? We will take a brief look at these differences now.

First of all, a lot of people are afraid that Facebook Messenger Bot is the end of the world for marketers because it replaces the need for hiring salespeople or agents. In fact, this new feature is not that far removed from other popular Facebook applications such as Facebook Photos or Facebook Messenger Bot. So, how does Facebook Messenger Bot differ from other popular Facebook applications? For one, it has an artificial intelligence, so it can actually interact with users and change their actions or responses in some way. As such, Facebook Messenger Bot may be considered as an advanced form of advertising through Facebook.

However, this doesn't mean that Facebook Messenger Bot is the end of online advertising. Indeed, while Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to their bot platform called "hotmail bots" that allows Facebook members to contact bot owners and receive spam-free updates, more advanced Facebook applications such as Facebook Sense or Facebook Ads will still need to adopt newer technologies such as Facebook APIs. As a matter of fact, the release of Facebook Messenger Bot is simply one step in the evolution of these programs. There are still a lot of possibilities for developers of such Facebook applications.

The first difference between using bots for customer service and email marketing lies in the fact that bot owners create Facebook apps for specific purposes. Bots for customer service only promote certain brands, offer information on particular products or services, or act as virtual sales assistants. While email marketing is mostly used to promote a brand's product line or company image, messages from Facebook Bots send out personalized messages to individual Facebook members. This may include tips about the company's Facebook page or updates on special promotions.

In contrast, bot owners have created Facebook Chatbot that act like personal assistants. They can help with everyday tasks such as forwarding emails or chatting with friends. But chat bots can also be used to automate certain Facebook functions, such as creating an inbox, commenting on pictures or sharing links. It is even possible for one to set up multiple bot accounts and use them to post or share Facebook updates, posts, or photos. In a way, Facebook chat bots are used as Facebook assistants, able to perform common functions that regular Facebook users do.

There are however a couple of drawbacks when it comes to using Facebook chat bots for social media marketing. First, the personal touch that many members would like to have from interacting with other Facebook users is lost in the constant flow of automated messages. Second, the efficiency of mostchat requires a lot of time invested in setting it up and interacting with the community. Manychat is also prone to hacking that can create security vulnerabilities. Facebook Messenger Bot developers therefore recommend using Facebook's official applications such as the official app or the Facebook Connect app to interact with the Facebook community and to get more engagement and response.

Facebook's competitor is the much-anticipated Facebook Bot, which will replace manychat and could be released alongside the Facebook Bot. Facebook Bot will allow Facebook users to directly engage with businesses or brands through a web interface. The Bot will allow users to place links anywhere on their Facebook page that will automatically be shared by their friends. The Facebook Bot could also be used to increase Facebook's engagement with its users, allowing it to generate leads and build up a contacts database. Manychat users are still excited about the prospect of Facebook Bot, but a new internet trend suggests that the popularity of Facebook will be swift to overtake manychat.

Even though Facebook has a long way to go to gain the loyalty of manychat users, there are certain things that Facebook can do to ensure a smooth transition for users. Since Facebook is focusing on establishing an easier to use interface for Facebook users, it may be tempted to eliminate manychat and incorporate Facebook functionality into it at some point. However, such a move would alienate manychat users, who would then begin using Facebook only for messaging purposes, causing Facebook's open rates to rocket. It may be better for Facebook to stick to its strategy of offering its services in a way that allows people to seamlessly integrate them into their daily lives.