Features Of VoIP Business Phone Systems

In Sydney, VoIP (voice over IP) has changed the way phone systems work. VoIP offers more flexibility and features than traditional phone systems, and at a lower cost. Let's look at the many benefits and features offered by VoIP for your business phone system in the cloud.


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VoIP for business will make your phone bill significantly lower. Traditional systems, also known as "packet-switched telephone networks" or PSTN lines are expensive because you pay per minute. This means that long-distance calls, especially to international destinations, can be quite expensive. VoIP is a different service. VoIP uses the internet as its "telephone line". You pay a fixed fee for broadband access. This means that you can talk as much or as little as you want for a fixed rate.

Equipment is often much cheaper

Instead of installing complicated equipment with traditional phones, an Internet connection (VoIP), requires only an internet connection and the necessary equipment (phone equipment and/or headphones with soundcard and software).

Many features are available with VoIP for businesses

In Sydney, the best part about VoIP business phone systems are the many features you get at a very low price. These features are often not available with traditional phones. VoIP for business allows you to make international calls with your account. You can also forward calls from your business to your mobile phone so you are always connected to your office, even when you're not there. 

VoIP provides all the features that you need for the smooth operation of your business's phone system.