Guide to Buying a Boat in Canada

There are many things to think about when you consider buying a boat. A boat is an expensive purchase that will require a great deal of responsibility. Buying a boat from world-class aluminum boat manufacturers in Canada should be chosen with great care and plenty of research.

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If you follow the steps and tips we listed for you in this boat buying guide then you’re sure to be a happy boat owner in no time! These are some tips that will help you navigate this important purchase:

  • Used or New: 

A brand new boat is ready to use immediately, but can come at a high price. Although used boats are often a bargain, they may need immediate repair or maintenance.

  • Purchase from a broker, dealer or individual: 

There are many options for boat sellers, including individuals who sell their boats. Brokers also sell high-end boats, and get a commission when they find buyers. Although brokers are usually paid by the seller, they can save you time and make it easier to view boats that do not meet your expectations.

  • Resale Value: 

While selling your boat might seem far away, it is important to remember resale values. You should keep your boat for at least three years to get the most out of your investment. Your brand and model can have an impact on the sale price if you decide to sell.

  • Budget

Your budget will ultimately dictate the size boat you can afford. Make sure your monthly payments are within your budget. Your lender will likely require you to make a minimum of 20% down payment if you intend to finance the purchase. Other than the monthly payments, boat ownership can also have other costs that you need to consider. These include maintenance, insurance, dock fees and winterization.

These are some tips to help you buy the best boat. Overall, it’s important to take the time to do your homework and ensure you’re making the right decision for you. Protect your investment, and you’ll be able to truly enjoy this major purchase.