Helpful Lawn Mowing Tips And Tricks In Vancouver

Mowing is an integral part of lawn maintenance and care. The grasses at the right height are what give lawns their beautiful and healthy appearance. This greatly improves the lawn's appeal and beauty. Many people make mistakes when mowing their lawn. Mowing mistakes can have a detrimental effect on your lawn's health and appearance. 

So, make sure your mower is maintained. Your blades should be kept sharp. The mower should be adjusted to a height of 3 inches. Don't forget to clean the deck's bottom. Clean up any clippings or debris after each use if you can. This will maintain the machine's cutting ability and prevent rusting. You can seek professional help to do lawn mowing in Vancouver.

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Never mow grass that has been watered. You should not rush cutting if you're using a ride-behind or riding mower, especially if you're also mulching the lawn. This takes extra time. For faster completion, do not follow the exact tracks of your mower. Expert lawn care workers recommend that you change the direction of your mow every time. 

To maintain the same height, crisscross the mower at each mow. You can also spread clippings by going in alternate directions. This will make your lawn cleaner and healthier. Never remove more than one third of the grass blades. In summer, lawns can brown due to the stress placed on the blades. Most lawn-care experts recommend that a lawn be cut at a height of two inches.

When you are mowing hills or slopes, be careful. Mowing on hills and slopes can cause turf damage. Mow side-to side if you are using a walk behind mower. Use a tractor or rider to mow up and down the slopes. If you're using a zero turn radius mower, slow down if you go down hills.