How To Choose A Moving Company In Cranbourne?

Choosing the right moving company can be hard work. Moving day is stressful enough without having your stuff arrive broken or with a surprise bill. To avoid it, you’ll want to vet potential moving companies. It only takes a little extra time and can save a bunch of hassle.

1. Accept recommendations

Browsing the internet or searching the phone book for a moving company can be daunting. Start by asking friends, family, and coworkers if they can recommend a moving company. If you work with a real estate agent, ask the agency for recommendations. You can also get quotes from moving companies.

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2. Follow the rule of three

Don't settle for first class. Instead, ask at least three different companies to give you a personal review because no company can really give you a full review without looking at your stuff.

3. Watch out for red flags

Watch for red flags during evaluation. For example, most reputable moving companies don't ask for a cash deposit before you move. If the moving company seems hungry for cash upfront, it's probably not a legal business.

When assessing, also pay attention to how professional or unprofessional the transfer worker is. If they are running late, unsure of their skills, or unable to answer your questions, find another company. And be wary of moving companies that show up on rental cars. Professional companies will have their own equipment.