How to Earn Free IMVU Credits

This article will be giving you all sorts of ways to earn IMVU Credits – meaning people will be envious of you, and not the other way around. To make sure you have enough IMVU Credits to keep your swag going strong, we’ll be telling you how to earn IMVU Credits.

Most of you will be looking forward to the free methods, so we’ll cover that. There are various reward sites and platforms that offer free points for playing games and  quests. You can also play games to earn free imvu credits via

Play the Daily Spin Game

The Daily Spin game is an online roulette. You can play once every 24 hours, and you’ll have the chance to win 10 to 50 free IMVU Credits. Yes, this is one of the slower earning methods, but playing the game is a no-brainer. You can also win stuff you’ve listed on your wishlist, so you should definitely not overlook this method!

Do Tasks on the IMVU App

You can earn free IMVU Credits by doing three different types of online tasks on the IMVU App on Play Store or iTunes. They include watching videos, answering surveys, and completing offers. Videos are basically sponsored content, and you earn 6 credits when you finish watching a video.