How To Plan Your Perfect Cruise

Are you traveling with your spouse or with just family or friends or with a companion? Whatever the case, it will determine the kind of cruise you're searching for. The relaxing walks along white beaches differ from an alcohol-fueled cruise on a weekend getaway.

Considering the ages of the two children, we assumed they were going on the Disney ship, as the other ship in port was considered a '"Booze cruise" for spring-breaker types. And guess what? It was spring break and the ship was loaded down with party-goers! You can find the top booze cruise in Riviera Maya online.

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Cruising Groups

Groups are catered for and can be a great way to celebrate the end-of-year football trip, family reunion, or a business conference at sea often at reduced rates.

We highly recommend using a travel agent if you are making a booking on behalf of a group. Search online and read reviews. Once you have found the one provided. Or, if the cruise line has a group booking representative, talk to them before booking. 

In addition to cheaper cruises, groups can also take advantage of:

• Liquor packages,

• Special dining requests

• Complimentary gifts and door decorations

The ships will even help with private functions, cakes, and photography. Ask your travel agent about any 'Reunion Packages'.

Conference facilities on most ships include dedicated conference rooms including presentation equipment such as overhead projectors, slide projectors, TV, and DVD players. Generally, the newer the ship, the better the facilities.