Indoor Gardening – Nutrients For Newbs (Nitrogen)

Many plants require nitrogen throughout their lives. They also need it more as they grow in size. A plant that has enough nitrogen can grow quickly and produce large, lush green leaves. You can either give your plants natural fertilizers or decomposing organic matter in your soil. These are the best nutrients for plants that can help to maintain the pH level of your soil.

This nitrogen is absorbed by plants as ammonium (NH4+), and nitrates (NO3-) ions. A large root system is crucial for the uptake of nitrogen. Even if sufficient nitrogen is provided, plants that are kept in tightened containers or with a lot of roots can show signs of deficiency.

A nitrogen-deficient plant will take longer to grow and be smaller in size. This happens because the plant lacks the required nitrogen to make genetic and structural material. A lack of sufficient chlorophyll can also cause yellowing in older leaves. 

On the other side, a plant can have too much nitrogen or toxicity. Plants that are given too much nitrogen grow faster than they can make enough support material for their cell walls. This causes weak stems and stalks, which can lead to lower fruit and flower production. A plant's leaves that are unusually dark green is another sign of too much nitrogen.