Keep the Cash Coming In – Cash Flow Management

Regardless of the industry or kind of operation, cash is the lifeblood of a company. A company's cash flow must be consistent and powerful to survive and expand. You can also get the best cash flow management services in Burlington, NC.

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Here are some cash flow management tools that work:

A sweep account is a term used to describe an account that is used to sweep This is a feature provided by banks that allows you to earn the highest possible interest on all of your money in your accounts.

Even if it's just overnight, without incurring any fines or risk of bouncing checks. The system is set up such that monies are swept in and out of the proper accounts daily.

This implies you can keep a zero-balance checking account, for example. Any deposits to your checking account that are not needed to cover checks can be automatically applied to pay down your line of credit with a sweep account.

 If the checking account balance is negative, money can be brought in from the line of credit to cover only what is needed, and no more.

A lockbox is a bank service in which your clients mail their payments to a post office box that your bank rents in your company's name.

The bank sends a courier many times a day to empty the box, cheques are deposited into your account almost immediately—literally hours after they arrive in the mail and you receive a report detailing all of the transactions in as much detail as you want, as often as you want.