Know about The History Of Bubble Hockey table

The bubble hockey that most people are familiar with today, however, wasn’t invented until 1982.

This game was originally designed by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, or ICE. They founded Chexx and started producing bubble hockey right away. Since the original game, featuring the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team against the Russian Hockey team sold a surprising 5,000 tables in the first year and became popular both in hockey stadiums and arcades throughout the United States, it quickly became a staple for ICE. You can find more about bubble hockey super chexx via

Bubble Hockey Tables

In 1993, the Super Chexx table was released, which features the popular and ubiquitous large domed table that is so familiar. Throughout the 1990’s other companies began producing their own versions of bubble hockey. It’s now possible to buy versions from companies such as Stiga, Carrom Company, and Shelti.

Some of the versions available on the market today don’t have domes, but the majority of bubble hockey tables do, both for aesthetics, but also for safety.

Choosing the best bubble hockey game table can be a little tricky, because you need to consider a few different things. Make sure to take into consideration the quality of the table so that you can rest easy knowing that it won’t easily be damaged during play.

Additionally, consider the size of the table so that you can make sure you have enough room for the game in your home. Finally, check the condition and durability of both the playfield and the dome.