Learn About The Functions Of Israeli Gas Masks

The gas mask is a valuable piece of safety equipment. The gas mask will be crucial in determining the outcome of various situations. There are many styles of gas masks, but the same set of instructions can be used for all gas masks. 

If used correctly, the gas mask can save your life and help to maintain your good health. The Israeli G.I. civilian adult NBC protective hood and blower system is a positive pressure hood system that is an alternative gas mask. 

The gas mask hood has two oxygen-supply units, which provide continuous oxygen flow. It is lightweight, flexible, and impermeable. The top of the hood has a speaking port, which allows you to easily communicate between the gas masks. The mask also has a drinking port that can be connected to allow fluids to be consumed while the hood is on.

It provides high levels of protection and is easy to use. The system allows for fluid intake in any contaminated area. There is continuous clean airflow. This protective gas mask hood prevents possible exposure to chemical, biological and nuclear agents.

This mask comes standard with a NATO filter of 40MM. It is designed to protect against Chemical, Nuclear, and Biological agents, as well as clean oxygen. The filter is made with activated charcoal, which is the best substance to filter chemicals. This double blower system is designed for mature users and is intended for civilian use.