Properly Maintain Your Carpets Clean

When choosing the floor covering, the carpet is one of the most common and convenient choices. 

Walking on the carpet is comfortable and, besides, it provides a layer of extra insulation and protection from the noise, or it can be used to hide the uneven parquet or ground damage. Therefore, the carpet must be cleaned and maintained regularly. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners for carpet cleaning services in Lasalle ON via


The carpets need relatively clean cleaning as they hold dust, sand, and other dirt that eventually damage the bottom of the carpet. 

Preferably, it should be sucked up every day, but if possible, do not allow at least more than a week to pass between the vacuum cleaner. 

If you avoid walking with your shoes on the carpet, there will be less dirt, which will facilitate the vacuum cleaner.


In addition to the vacuum cleaner, you can sometimes wipe the carpet with a wet cotton cloth and a carpet cleaner solution, and to solve dust and deep dirt that may have stayed inside the carpet, you have occasionally used a steam mat cleaner.

5 quick tips to keep your carpets

  1. Aspire often and carefully – the majority of damage to the carpet is caused by dirt.

  2. Clean stains as soon as possible – 99% of stains can be cleaned with a carpet cleaning solution if you react quickly enough.

  3. Check the type of mat that you have before cleaning – each type is different, so you must pay attention to the right product for cleaning the carpets.

  4. Selecting the cleaning product – When eliminating stains, always start with the sweetest product and let the strongest use only if necessary.

  5. Do not brush the wet spot – the stain should be covered with a towel or cloth and type gently on until the spots are essential in the fabric.