Stone Countertops – Finishes For Kitchens, Bathrooms And More

Your choice for stone materials table to the kitchen, bathroom, or vanity is important but your selection is not complete until you choose the final surface, so you have a choice, and you have to know what they are. This option would be the finishing touch needed to complete your table decoration or renovation of purchase.

You want to be aware of the different surface finishes if your choice is a soapstone kitchen counter, marble countertop vanity, granite counter bathroom countertop, or other natural stones. There are many different finishes, each with its own characteristics and presentation. Here are some of the most commonly used surface finishes and their characteristics.

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marble kitchen countertops

Stone Counter top-lit Finish complete production process involves high heat ignited to produce very rough surface texture. In the factory heated stones in the stone that causes the crystals to begin to pop, thus forming a rough surface. This makes the surface finish is very porous lit, requires it to be treated and sealed. It is recommended for areas that do not get much traffic.

Countertop Stone Polished Finish A machine used to achieve a polished finish. He pulled out the deepest color stone and natural blood vessels, giving the shiniest, looks almost reflective and brilliant colors. This finish makes the colors a very strong statement. shine of the gloss layer but of heavy polishing. A polished stone kitchen table finish is non-porous and very smooth. However, it still needs to be maintained like all-natural stones. This finish is great for high traffic areas.