Expert Suggestions to Help You Get An SAFe Certification

SAFe certification can bring you many benefits. You won't regret making this choice. This investment is well worth the effort and money. There are many types of SAFe certifications. Below are some tips from experts to help you make it easier.

Types of SAFe Certifications-

SAFe, Agilist

Executives and managers should consider this type of certification. This certification allows you to use your knowledge to improve your business. You can also read about the benefits of good safe agilist at

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(SP) Certification

This course is a foundational certification that allows you to handle all aspects of the Agile framework. It's recommended for all, regardless of whether you're a manager or a team member involved in Agile software development.

The SP certification is a foundation for quick training and a career in Agile Framework. It's also required if you wish to obtain higher certifications in coaching, management, or training.

Certification as a SAFe, Program Consultant

This certification validates the ability of Agile practitioners to introduce new Agile Release Trains and to train IT professionals who are interested in becoming Agilists.

You must have the SP certification to be eligible for this certification. You must also have at least three years of experience with the Agile Framework.

SAFe, Product Owner Certification

This course focuses on management. It's also designed to validate your skills and knowledge as a manager or product owner within the agile framework. It also includes an overview of both the certification exam as well as the framework.