Know More About Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

An AR-15's bolt carrier is the one that is used to load a round into the chamber, then fires the chambered round, pulls the spent casing from the gun, and inserts a new round into the chamber. For those who want to witness this in action and gain a better understanding of the way that the AR-15 works best. 

The best bolt carrier group (BCG) is among the most vital components of the AR-15 platform. It is the AR15 BCG that will be responsible for triggering the semi-automatic action when it is pulled by a sequence of steps that are in this sequence:

  • The firing pin should be allowed to strike the primer of the round chambered.

  • Ejecting and grabbing the spent shell casing.

  • Resetting the hammer to your next turn.

  • The process of removing a new round from the magazine, and chambering it.

These four actions are carried out after the trigger has been pulled. 

Some basis of the Bolt Carrier Group are:

Carrier- The external housing is for the bolt. It is connected by the gas keys. The carrier houses the bolt and its parts. The carrier also interacts with the buffer as well as the buffer spring assembly during the firing process and takes the most of the force generated by the expanding gasses within the platform of AR-15. 

Gas Key- Also known as"carrier key" it is an essential element as it directs gas from the gas pipe to the carrier of bolts. It must be secured and attached to the bolt carrier to form an airtight seal. 

Bolt- The AR15 bolt assists in guiding the bullet into the chamber. It also extracts the empty case and then releases the spent cartridge after that you've shot the weapon.