Toxins Found In Commercial Baby Foods

It has been proven that there are so many prominent baby food manufacturers that sell toxic baby foods. According to a congressional report, these manufacturers make use of toxic ingredients in baby foods products. 

Baby food sales, which exceed $6 billion annually in the United States, are largely unregulated. American families are now feeding their children toxic baby food without any warning. Worst, even worse, is that although manufacturers are aware of the dangers of toxic ingredients in baby foods, they have not taken any meaningful steps to warn or reduce them.

Baby Food Lawsuits to Protect Toxic Contaminants

Filing a lawsuit via can help you hold the manufacturer responsible for any damage it caused to you or your loved ones. It will also provide real compensation for your medical expenses and suffering.

lawsuits over heavy metals in baby foods

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Arsenic in Baby Foods:

One of the four major heavy metals in baby food is arsenic. It can cause cognitive and central nervous system damage in children. Arsenic exposure can lead to a reduction in intelligence, working memory problems, as well as limitations in verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning. 

Cadmium in Baby Foods:

Cadmium, which is the second heavy metal in baby food, can cause a permanent decrease in a child’s intelligence (especially in boys) and an increase in ADHD diagnoses. Babies who have been exposed to the heavy metal Cadmium experience long-lasting effects that can affect their cognitive abilities and overall functioning.

Baby Foods with Lead:

While lead is well-known to pose a danger to health in early childhood, most parents still think of lead exposure only as a result of paint. Early exposure to lead can cause behavioral problems, delay puberty, decrease cognitive performance, and lower growth.