3 Blinds for Winters in Melbourne

Have you ever stood next to a window in winter and felt the air temperature change the closer you come to the window? This is because windows are a source of heat loss in winter. They are cold due to the outdoor temperatures and absorb the heat from within the home, therefore lowering the indoor temperatures. We will consider how roller blinds, roman blinds and awnings can be useful in the winter months in Melbourne.

image of blinds

Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds are not just for reflecting sunlight in summer. Due to the thickness of the material used in blockout roller blinds, it prevents the cold windows from altering the inside home temperatures too much. This is because the blind creates a barrier (insulation) between the window and the rest of your home. Additionally, there are various types of roller blinds that are specifically designed for generating heat (honeycomb blinds, for example). These would be particularly beneficial in rooms that have access to sunlight.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are traditionally made with thicker fabric and multiple layers. Due to the layered effect, this means that they provide higher levels of insulation to windows, preventing the outdoor cold from seeping in through the windows.


Awnings tend to be the least effective, but still viable option, in temperature control in winter. They still provide a level of window insulation because awnings cover the window and shelter it from the harsh winds and rain of winter, all of which remove heat from your home.

Roller blinds, roman blinds and awnings can be beneficial in surviving the freezing winter months in Melbourne. They provide additional insulation to the home via the windows in their unique manner, preventing heat loss.