What Is A Naturopathic Doctor And What Can They Do In Burnabay?

A naturopathic doctor is a practitioner of naturopathic medicine. It is a system of primary health care focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness using the healing powers of nature. Naturopaths treat holistically, treating each patient as a whole rather than focusing on a specific symptom, disease, or diagnosis.

This means considering all the factors that make up a person's overall health, including a combination of genetics, environmental exposures, lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, and social/emotional factors. You can also browse ckgbby.com/naturopathy/ to know more about neuropathy.

The ultimate goal of naturopathic medicine is to restore the body's balance to support its natural healing process. Naturopathy is basically characterized by six basic principles:

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• First, do no harm: Use the most natural, least invasive, and least toxic therapy.

• The Healing Power of Nature: Trust the wisdom inherent in the body to heal.

• Identify and treat the root cause: Look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause.

• Physicians as educators: educating patients about steps to achieve and maintain health.

• Caring for the Whole Face: Consider the body as a unified whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.

• Prevention: Focus on general health, well-being, and disease prevention.

What Can a Naturopathic Practitioner Do?

Naturopaths are highly skilled diagnostic specialists who rely on the least invasive and least toxic therapies to address the root cause of health problems – not just the condition itself. Naturopathic medicine gets to the root of the problem and supports the body's ability to fight disease, and inflammation and prevent and combat damage. 

Naturopaths also specialize in prevention. Preventive medicine means creating habits now that will help avoid health problems in the future. Naturopaths are increasingly sought after to help their patients develop and adhere to healthier practices that improve their overall long-term health and well-being.