Things You Need To Know About Parachute Cords

Paracord is a universal cable used by all branches of the army, as well as many camping and outdoor enthusiasts. It is usually called the 550 string because a single thread can carry loads of up to five hundred and fifty pounds without breaking.

It consists of an outer nylon sheath consisting of thirty-two separate threads woven together. There are seven additional nylon threads in the outer shell. Each of these seven strands consists of two to three strands twisted together.

A paracord is also known as a parachute cord because its original purpose was to connect the parachute to the rigging carried by paratroopers. You can purchase high-quality nylon paracord to make bracelets, belts, rings, buckles, and other items.

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Here are seven things you need to know about paracord.

  • Parachute Cord Military Spec is made of nylon rope used to hang parachutes.

  • The outer layer of the braided rope contains a lot of interlocking thread for its size, and the all nylon construction makes the parachute rope very flexible and tough.

  • The inside of the rope contains thread which can be removed and used for various purposes such as dental floss, sewing and fishing line..

  • The internal grandstand comprises 1/3 more stands than most other stands

  • MIL-C-5040 Type III is a United States military specification requiring a breaking strength of 550 pounds.

  • The breaking load of the original parachute line is approximately 800 lbs, depending on test conditions.

  • Most products labeled 550 have 5 internal mounts compared to 7 on the original Parachute Cable. It has 2 internal strings compared to the original Parachute Cord which has 7 internal struts with 3 strings each. (Total 21 internal supports.).