Breast Cancer Facts And An Outlook About Chemotherapy

The family is devastated by the attacks of breast cancer in women. The worst even if the mother is a single mother. The question that we have in mind: Is there no way to avoid this deadly disease? Is there good food for cancer? Are there bad foods for cancer? You can get more information about breast cancer screening and treatment via internet sources.

The answer is "yes, there's good food for cancer and no bad food for cancer". Medical experts generally encourage women to early-detect the disease, such as quickly finding will increase the chance of making it through. This is the good side of the breast cancer facts we can learn up to now.

Mammograms certainly are a technique often favored by a general practitioner to be able to find malignant tumors. The sad thing is for women whose families could own the greatest genetic probability of triggering the disease develops.

How Cancer Is Diagnosed - National Cancer Institute

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Research has shown that mammograms increase the possibility of 1 to 3 percent per year, which means that, when you have a mammogram every year for ten years, you're likely to rise from 10% to 30%. And many experts think the threat of radiation is significantly higher.

However, all agree that the breast is one part of the body most responsive to create cancer from radiation treatment.

In addition, as women age, they would develop cancer cells in their breasts. Through age 50, the figure reached Forty-five percent. Fortunately, it does not mean that forty-five percent of the 50 years will develop a tumor in the breast because the majority of women with this kind of cancer tumor cells continue to be active.