Top Cigar Tips For Beginners

Experience is often the best teacher, and smoking a cigar is no different. If you're new to cigars, or maybe you're not an expert yet, check out our top cigar tips to make sure you avoid some common mistakes. 

Don't smoke a cigar too fast

Sometimes it's easy to get bored if you smoke a cigar and start smoking too much. Smoking a cigar too quickly can heat up the cigar and reduce the taste and burn your tongue and mouth. You can also take a look at this site to buy the best cigar for beginners.

Take your time and try to grab a cigar every minute or less. You’d be amazed how long it takes for a good cigar to go out if left unattended, weather permitting.

Beware of nicotine illness

Nicotine sickness is a pretty real thing and can cause extreme nausea. Of course, you will most likely enjoy smoking cigars. However, if you're not used to nicotine, try choosing lighter-wrapper cigars. In general, a lighter wrapper means a softer taste and is not only better suited to your taste buds but also contains less nicotine. 

Cigars marked "full" is dark in color and have very high nicotine content. If you have nicotine, try to eat something sweet as soon as possible. Lemonade or candy works best, but almost any food high in sugar will keep you nicotine-free.