Stepper Motor on Solar Energy Project

Stepper Motor Wind Turbine Generators are welcome by DIY hobbyists as well as electricity saving families. This stepper motor can also be used for many other New Energy projects. Sun-tracking Systems for solar energy are the most popular. The exhaustion of fossil fuels like coal and oil is a serious threat to human beings. 

It is also available everywhere and uses clean, economical energy. However, it has some disadvantages such as low density and intermission. The mechanical and control systems parts of the solar tracking system are designed to track the movement of the sun in order to maintain the energy exchange. You should buy a stepper motor from a high-tech enterprise engaged in quality manufacturing.

The mechanical structure includes the main spindle and stepping motors as well as gears and a gear ring. The control signal from the stepper driver instructs small gear to be rotated by a stepper motor when the sun's rays are off-axis. The large gear and main spindle are rotated by small motors in order to track the direction of the sun's rays. 

The small gear rotates the large gear and solar panels to track the vertical direction. The two stepper motors work together to track the solar panels. The control system includes the sensors, stepper motor, stepper controller and the external circuit. Solar tracking is done using a photoelectric detection system. 

Photosensitive resistance is used to detect solar energy. Two identical photosensitive resists were placed at the bottom edge in the east and west directions. The signal from the comparison circuit is sent by the stepper controller to enable the motors to be rotated.