Restoring Your Health Through Mindful Eating

Now that the holidays and their distractions are behind you, have you started thinking about how to restore or maintain healthy eating habits and overall health?

The holiday season can be stressful and lead to poor priorities. Instead of keeping your health and well-being high on your list, are you already planning parties and gift shopping?

You often find yourself weighing a few pounds and feeling lethargic, stressed, and sometimes even depressed. Are you experiencing these health blues after the holidays?

Read on to learn how you can improve your health and overcome the negative effects the holiday season has on you. Use food as medicine and be careful with food. What is eating with caution?

You can also join some mindful eating programs where people create a personalized solution that combines three key ingredients: healthy, mindless eating, nutrition training, and caring support.

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Eating carefully is not a diet or meal plan; Instead, it's an emerging health approach that promotes awareness of what's going on in your body and mind.

It encourages you to become aware of your emotional and physiological motives for eating. By eating carefully, you can better balance your diet, how you eat, and why you eat.

It uses intuitive eating principles, which are eaten based on your internal signals about hunger and satiety for situations or emotions. The result is that they lose weight, eat without dieting, and live healthy lives without feeling guilty about eating.