Massage Therapy for Shoulder Pain

As a massage therapist, I've seen my fair share of clients with shoulder pain and injuries. This article will review what causes shoulder pain, the massage therapy treatment that will help, as well as simple exercises you can do yourself.

Shoulder pain can be caused by a wide variety of things such as sports injury, repetitive strain, motor vehicle accidents, and in some cases the cause is unknown. Sometimes the pain can come on suddenly, and in others, it has a gradual onset. Even if the pain came on suddenly, in most cases, the problem may have started a while ago.

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The massage therapy treatment will differ slightly depending on how the pain started, so make sure you try and explain to your RMT exactly what you are feeling in your shoulder, how long it's been there, and how it started. This will help your massage therapist determine not only what structures might be injured, but also what the root cause of your shoulder pain is, which in most cases is bad shoulder posture.

Shoulder posture, the key to all injuries

Being slumped over a desk, working at a computer, and starring at a monitor for 8 hours a day is how most Torontonians spend their weekdays. That is 40 hours sitting with your shoulders and head slumped forward, and your arm reaching for the mouse so thousands of daily clicks can be performed. CRAZY! It's no wonder I have so many client suffering from shoulder injuries, and pain.

Remember your mother telling you that if you make that funny face again, you might get stuck that way? Well, she may have been wrong about the face thing, but if you repeatedly place your body in a certain position it will definitely stay that way.