Asset Protection – A Product You Can Trust

Asset protection refers to the legal security of assets of creditors. There are many legal strategies that can be used to protect assets from creditors. These include taxation, bankruptcy, and alimony payments. Asset protection is often associated with offshore banking and an offshore trust account, but it is not limited to that.

Asset protection works in the same way trusts work. Assets are placed in trust and protected by a trustee to the benefit of the beneficiary. The trust is governed both by local law and the terms of the document. If you want to get more information about asset safety laws in Texas then you can go through various online sites.

asset protection laws

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Some advocate offshore asset protection, also known as offshore trust. It functions in the same manner as any trust, except that foreign courts are not able to enforce its rulings where they do not have jurisdiction. The laws governing offshore banks are designed to allow settlers to act as beneficiaries without being subject to other laws.

Trust accounts are held in fiduciary duties by either the trustees or trust companies to ensure that asset protection is not compromised. Fiduciary duties require accountability so that the trust accounts are not in conflict with interest and duty, conflict of duty from persons, or gains or profits from. 

Anybody found to be in breach of fiduciary trusts may be held responsible by law. These remedies typically include property, personal and monetary damages.