Urban Street Football Game: Everything You Need To Be Aware Of

Whether you enjoy playing pick-up soccer or are a more serious soccer player, whether you are five years old or 50 years old, certain pieces of soccer equipment are required to play the urban street football game. What are the pieces in question? Here is a record of things that every soccer player should bring with them when they go shopping for the correct gear:

Shin guards

You should never play soccer without skin protectors, just as you would not play football without a helmet. Because the soccer ball is kicked around so much, it is not uncommon for a player to be kicked in the shins (or a foot). And while the ball may appear soft and light when you touch it, it will feel everything but soft on your shins when traveling as rapidly as it does in a soccer game! Shin guards are important regardless of which position you play to protect your legs from unpleasant impacts.


You’ll need a solid pair of cleats regardless of which sort of soccer you play (for fun or competition). Your feet might rapidly feel uncomfortable after running around on the field for long periods. Furthermore, if you play soccer in conventional running shoes, you may experience a few slides on the pitch. Cleats can reduce the amount of pain in your feet while preventing you from slipping and sliding all over the field and creating unnecessary injuries.

Equipment bag

A bag is not something you will need on the field, but it will be something you will want to bring to every game. While your soccer gear may not appear to be much at first after you put it all together, it may be quite a burden to carry around, so you will need a bag to assist you.


Uniforms, which usually consist of a pair of pants or shorts and a shirt, are sometimes provided by the coach. In the unlikely event that you don’t have any, you’ll have to purchase your own.

Additional items

Socks, warm-ups, water bottles, snacks, and a soccer ball are some of the other items you might want to consider purchasing as part of your soccer kit (for practice time). If you’re a goalkeeper, you’ll also need some extra equipment, like gloves, jerseys, elbow pads, and knee pads.


Bring the list of items listed above with you whenever you go out looking for soccer equipment. For soccer players, shin protection, cleats, and equipment bags are all required. If you’re a goaltender, you might need to buy some extra gear. Once you have the entire above, make sure to ask your coach if you require any other items, such as uniforms. While the above list should cover everything you need, your coach will be able to provide you with a more detailed list of anything else you might need.

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