All About Consumption Of Nespresso Pods

Nespresso machines can brew Espresso coffee from capsules for coffee or coffee pods. After the capsules have been inserted into the machine, they are processed by water pressure. This ensures that the amount of coffee in each cup is only warmed. Nespresso coffee is a premium-priced coffee that had sales exceeding 3 billion Swiss Francs in 2011. 

All Nespresso coffees are roasted, ground, and encapsulated at one of three Swiss factories. However, the company also sells its capsules and system of machines worldwide. Nespresso pods can be purchased online via Fengany. They are considerably more expensive than a comparable quantity of loose coffee. The coffee aroma is not affected by the sealed capsule. 

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Nespresso currently offers 28 Original Line arabica capsules and 28 Original Line robusta capsules. Limited edition capsules are available only in season. The system is now no longer patentable, so you can find refillable capsules from third parties in certain grocery stores and shops. Each capsule holds 5-7g of ground coffee. It makes one cup of coffee.

The capsule can make either a 40 ml espresso shot or a 110 mg Lungo (long) coffee pour depending on how long the pour is. The aluminium capsule bodies and perforated tops used in Nespresso capsules are made, respectively, from aluminium and plastic. Third-party capsules can be made from many materials, including aluminium and plastic. 

Nespresso capsules are lined with food-grade lacquer to reduce concerns about potential adverse effects of aluminium on health. A different Nespresso pod system is available for professional markets. These capsules, which are pad-shaped, cannot be interchangeable with consumer capsules. Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed and made from aluminum.