How To Motivate, Understand, and Reward Multi-Generation Employees In Your Company In Atlanta

Handwritten notes were given to older generations. Employers must give incentives such as money, badges, or gifts. This generation is eager to continue learning and developing.

Keep sending employees to courses to help them work smarter and reduce their time. You can find the best options for multi-generations HR courses for your employees to keep them motivated.

The baby boomers are a workaholic group. They're used to working long hours in order to achieve their career goals. Baby Boomers are looking for their feedback in person, and they want written documents to support their work. They are ready to be judged, and they want it written.

The baby boomers want money. There are loans and credit cards to repay. The baby boomers want to continue learning and growing. Keep sending them to courses to help them work smarter, learn more, and continue growing. The current economic climate means that the baby boomer generation won't retire.

Generation X is a generation of children with locks who are able to work independently. They range in age from 36 to 47 years and were born between 1965 – 1981.

Many of their parents were divorced and had two-income families because both of their parents worked. These children are used to coming home, doing homework, and doing chores on their own.