What Is Internet Banking?

One of the simplest methods to conduct banking is internet banking. In online or internet banking, bank transactions can be performed with the help of a mobile or computer. 

All transactions are conducted via the Internet using a secure website of the bank. The main reason why internet banking is so popular is that it allows banks to do transactions even during non-banking hours.

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Most bank websites use a web browser as an interface for the transaction. The interface is made very user friendly so that customers have no trouble navigating through the transaction. 

Transactions such as electronic bill payment, downloading of bank statements, transfer money online can be conducted by using internet banking facility.

For the protection of the interests of customers, the bank uses certain measures. Password authentication, encryption, etc., are some of these steps. 

Banks should continue to update the technology used for this purpose, as hackers continue to get more and more skilled. Banks generally advise their customers to continue to change the password at frequent intervals. This reduces the possibility of hackers to hack their accounts.

Other protective measures taken by the bank is the use of a unique login name, the number of transactions, the use of two passwords, and digital certificates.

Generally, banks do not charge anything extra for internet banking services. Whenever a transaction is done, the account details are updated automatically.