All About BTS Fashion Styles

Jimin is known for his amazing taste in jewelry and has often been seen sporting some classy and quirky accessories. For example, he wore the natural water drop pearl earring in the ‘Epilogue Young Forever’ album. This is a set of unbalanced earrings that have a very stylish vibe. These BTS earrings are available in two designs. However, if you are a die-hard fan, you might stick to what Jimin wore in the video, that is, smiley.

The Ames Worldwide moving smile sweatshirt and sweatpants were worn by Jin in one of the Run BTS episodes, and it has been trending ever since. You can get either the sweatshirt or the sweatpants. You can even get the entire set just like Jin did. It’s available in white and looks incredibly stylish, just as it did on your favorite BTS fashion icon.

Jungkook has been stealing many hearts with his sensational voice and his style. Earlier this year, he posted a picture on social media in this Feel Enuff Clover Club Vest, looking absolutely handsome and quirky at the same time. This simple black and white vest can be created to look stylish and peppy.

Taehyung, also known as V, can be seen wearing the goofy t-shirt in episode 125 of the Run BTS show. This Bangtan style has become very popular ever since. The t-shirt is simple and comfortable. It is great for casual outings with friends. The best part is that it has one of our favorite Disney cartoon characters, Goofy.

This BTS fashion item is available in Forest color and available in sizes S, M, L, and XL. So make it a part of your wardrobe to show how much you stan your favorite band.