Top Ideas For Kids Room Decor

Kids room decor is an excellent way to add personality to your child's bedroom. Bookcases, ledges, and shelves are all excellent options to display a child's books. These can also serve as art pieces in the room. Moreover, a ledge allows you to choose which book to read before your child goes to bed at night. Read on to discover more ideas for kids room decor. Listed below are some of the top ideas to use as inspiration.

A kids room can have a fort. A fort bed is great for a child's room because it serves multiple functions. This type of bed is easy to build and can transform into a fort whenever needed. It embodies the idea of a child's home sanctuary. For added fun, you can use pillows with animal or sports themes. Alternatively, you can add a toy chest. It will not only save space but will add to the decor.

Paint effects are a fun way to add personality to your child's room. They are relatively easy to create and can range from a simple graphic outline to a star-spangled galaxy. These are great options for kids rooms because they aren't hard to remove if your child grows out of them! Also, kids love to cuddle, so you should incorporate items that allow them to self-soothe. Bedding, cushions, and rugs should be soft to touch so your child will feel comfortable and happy.

As you begin to plan the interior design of your child's room, always remember that your child's personality will shine through. It will be easier to create a cohesive design if your child has input in the planning stage. Let your child help you choose the color scheme, patterns, and themes. This way, your child will be involved in the decorating process and will feel more involved. Your kid will enjoy it, and will be more likely to use their new bedroom.

While the design of your child's room depends on the age of the child, the choice of furniture is equally important. If your child lives with siblings, you will want to provide ample storage space. If you'd like to give your child space to express their individuality, include shelves and pinboards. You can even get upholstered headboards that double as pinboards! To unify the room, choose a theme or a color that matches the rest of the room. If you have limited space, consider using bunk beds instead of single beds.

Kids Room Accessories – What To Get and What to Avoid

For a playful touch, consider decorative accents. Wreaths and garlands made of felt pom poms and wood are fun additions to your child's room. Wall art clips and picture frames can also be fun accents. Clocks are another great choice for decorating a child's room. You can even affix one to a twin bed to keep an eye on your child's time. And, don't forget the desk!


If you're decorating a kid’s room, you can purchase decorative accents like a rocking chair, an art board, and wall art clips made from felt pom poms. Even a tatty wallpaper can add charm. You can also get framed paintings and hang them on the walls. The goal is to make the room look fun and inviting. In addition to decor, kids' room accessories can also be useful for keeping important things together.

When decorating a child's room, remember to incorporate your child's personality. Try to find a theme that matches their personality and style. You can find a wide variety of kids room decor on online shopping sites like Designer Living. Storage space is a must in children's rooms. Keeping the room tidy and organized is easier if you have a place for all of their favorite things. You can also find some great ideas for storage at the bottom of the bed or on the wall.

Art prints

While you may not be able to put a framed piece of art on the walls of your child's bedroom, you can choose art prints for kids rooms to create a theme in the room. You can find a number of great art prints for kids, from whimsical animals to cartoons and characters. Whatever your child's favorite topic, there's a piece of art for your child's room that will make them smile.

Whether you choose to go for classic and whimsical images or something more abstract, a framed print is always a wonderful addition. You can also find wall art that's educational or more fun than cutesy. Crate & Kids has a large selection of wall art for kids ranging from colorful maps of the world to whimsical growth charts. There are even themed baby wall decals that you can buy for your child's room.


Shelves are a great way to organize kids' toys, craft materials, and other things. You can use them to hold books, toy trucks, and souvenirs. Shelves are an excellent choice because they're easy to access and don't clutter the room like cabinets do. They also look great in any kid's room and make a great decorative element. Read on to learn more about the advantages of shelves for kids' rooms.

If you're worried about space, you can turn leftover bunkbeds into a stylish wall shelf. A white bookcase will blend in perfectly with your child's room. A bookcase is the perfect way to store toys, and you can use a picture ledge to keep bedtime reads within easy reach. And if you're feeling a little whimsical, consider adding a cloud shelf to your room.


The right desk for your child's room will be a valuable asset. Creating a special place for homework is the first step in making it a fun experience, and it can double as a creative playroom during the summer months. The ultimate kids' workstation should have plenty of storage space for all of the kid's school supplies, as well as space to display collectibles and toys. This desk is also great for parents, because it will allow your child to get his or her work done without sacrificing the decor of the rest of the room.

Desks for kids should be a comfortable height, ideally around eight inches above the chair seat. Some kids will find it difficult to sit up on a normal height, so consider a desk with adjustable height. Make sure the desk has enough storage for your child's needs, and consider whether the desk will have any drawers or shelves. Make sure your child is comfortable at the desk, and don't forget to get a chair if you're short on space.


You can use the walls of a kids room as storage space, so look for beds with built-in storage and peg rails. You can also use the space over a bed to hang up clothing, PE bags, or other items. But be careful not to hang the peg rails directly over the sleeping child's head. Otherwise, it could fall on him or her. Adding a small nightstand or two can save space.

If your child dreams of the sea, a nautical-themed room will suit her well. You can get a boat-shaped twin bed that has handpainted sails and a wooden nightstand in the same shade of green. The tufted headboard and large dresser give the room a nautical theme, while a wardrobe chest provides storage space and a place to hang toys. The bedroom accessories complete the nautical theme. If you're looking for extra storage, consider adding a framed piece of original art or a tufted headboard. Keep the walls neutral so the kids can use their creativity through the accessories.


Lighting is an important part of kids' rooms, and the right kind of kids' room accessory can make a big impact. Floor lamps and table lamps provide visual interest while providing illumination. Hanging lights can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including Pottery Barn Kids. Some hanging lights are hardwired, which means they should be installed by a professional. You can also choose between modern and traditional styles. Here are some ideas for choosing the best lighting for your child's room.

If your child loves to read and enjoy a good book, you can purchase a desk lamp that has a pretty lamp shade. Table lamps and floor lamps are perfect for illuminating a reading nook, while floor lamps add decorative accents. Evergreen pendant lights are great for both boys and girls, as they can create the mood for a toddler to crawl, as well as a cosy reading or writing area. You can also find beautiful kids' room lighting ideas on Pinterest.