All About Watch Winder Box

Watch winders can be a very useful and satisfying tool for growing and maintaining your collection. They also offer a unique way to display and appreciate your watches at home. As the watch-collecting community has grown over time, opinions about the utility of winders have changed.

Today, they are as hotly debated online as any other horological product. There are pages of blog posts and forums dedicated to discussing whether winders are beneficial, harmful, or just a convenience.

What is a Watch Winder?

First, let's get to the point. Watches that have automatic winding will benefit from a se winder box (in English “watch winder box”). Quartz watches and manual winding watches are not eligible. A watch winder is not necessary if an automatic watch is only one that you use to take off your wrist for showering and sleeping.

se winder box

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What You Should Know About Watch Winders

So, now we need to consider the debate about watch winders. Two very different sides can be heard in the debate about watch winders.

A winder is a convenient tool that can be used to make your watch more efficient. It will prevent your watch from dispersing energy correctly and eventually require service. Overuse of winders can cause wear to a watch's movement.