Different Ways A Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game

Here are some ways a launch monitor can help in your game:

Find out how far you can hit your clubs

Golfers often underestimate how far they can hit each club. You can easily see how far each club has traveled by simply hitting shots onto a Skytrak launch director.

The Ability to Hit it Every Day

Crosswinds can cause shots to draw or blur, rather than the way the golfer wants it to. This could lead to the golfer making incorrect adjustments to their swing or believing they are achieving a shot shape they are not. 

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After that, they may not be able to repeat that performance on the course. Ultra-rapid cameras are used by launch monitors to measure the golf ball.

Short Game Experimentation

The best way to practice is to hit short-game shots and use an experimentation mentality. Launch monitors can be helpful in this regard by giving you feedback on your chances quickly and offering suggestions on how to adjust your strategy or what type of chance was best.

Separation Gapping With Your Wedges

It is important to have holes between all your clubs, especially your wedges, as these are the scoring clubs. A launch monitor is a great tool that can help you determine how far your ball travels on half-swing and three-quarter-swing shots. A launch monitor can give you all the critical criticism needed to avoid making mistakes and score better.

Putting Analysis

Launch monitors are not only useful for long games. Launch monitors can also be used to show you your putting. The launch point and the ball's rolling ability are two key areas. These are especially helpful if you're trying to get a fit for a putter, or if you want to verify that your putter is working as it should.