Three Small Business Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

With direct mail marketing, persistence is a virtue. Your persistence will pay off when prospects in these categories move to the "ready to buy" category. This article looks at types of direct mail marketing campaigns.

1. Tip series of the month

A monthly shipment is the easiest way to achieve consistency. The content of your letter should be something that you know a lot about. The councils need to be in touch with what their product/service is. Think about what your customers would use or need just before or after purchasing your product. You can get more knowledge about Direct Mail Postcards via various online sources.



2. Recognition campaign

These awards identify the campaign and existing customers to thank. It is suggested that you tone down your marketing when using this approach. When I send a 'thank you' to leave the sales field entirely. It is very effective for existing clients to keep it on top of mind and recommend it to others.

3. Pre-sale and post-sale of the campaign

Use this campaign to follow your leads through the purchase cycle for the customer to follow up. This will create consistency, repetition, and follow-through.

A company makes a sale to replace some windows and by sending postcards to other houses in the region announces that they would be in the neighborhood. Once the window is open (make sure your page is a banner on the cover), the company sent out another card to reflect this and then begin to mail the area regularly.