What Should You Feed Your Cat?

Cats have unique and special needs that have to be catered to. Giving cats the food that humans eat is not an appropriate diet. Cats require certain essential nutrients, but it is difficult to incorporate all these essential nutrients in your cat's food when you're cooking it at home. 

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Cats are at extremes when it comes to the texture of the food. They prefer extremely moist foods, as pieces of food rather than mousse, as well as very dry foods. Smell plays a very important role in determining the kind of food your cat will eat. Their desire to eat the food is stimulated by their acute sense of smell.

In the wild, cats eat up to 20 meals a day, even when domesticated, cats retain this habit. You should access the daily portions and adapt them to your cat's lifestyle and physiology in order to avoid any risk of obesity.

No matter how well you feed your cat, it will always enjoy hunting, which is a beneficial activity for your cat's health and well-being. Healthy eating makes for a healthy cat!