How To Keep Opossums Out Of Your Yard

Opossums forage at night as they are nocturnal creatures. Although they look cute, they are known to withstand various diseases and destroy landscaping and garbage bags. 

Animal Remover offers a variety of tactics to help keep these creatures off your lawn. Moreover, It is suggested to take help of professional opossums removal service providers. You can find the best opossum removal service providers from various online sources.

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Secure a trash can

One of the first places possums go to are trash cans as they are an easy source of food. Providing a trash can is a simple solution that can be used to cut out a squirrel's food source.

If you don't have a trash can, try setting a day for the trash so that your bags don't stay out too long. If possums have nothing to do with food, they will likely look elsewhere for their leftovers.

Turn on the light

Being active at night, possums don't like harsh light. If there are certain problematic areas in your yard that squirrels happily walk through, install additional lights to help guide them. Motion detectors and spotlights are perfect choices for scaring them off.

Remove all possible cleaning areas

The main reason for placing possums on your lawn is that they find a reliable and easy to find food source. Consider whether you have any of the following items on your page that could be causing you problems:

  • Pet food box
  • Compost pile
  • Garden products
  • Bird feeder
  • Trash can