DIY Pest Control Tips

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Pest infestation is a problem for every homeowner. Some of the examples of pest include termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches etc. In order to get rid of the pests, professional pest control company is hired to do the job. However, majority of homeowners prefer not to call a professional since some are under a tight-budget while others try to do it on their own. If you wish to keep your home free from pests, then consider these tips.

  1. Keep the Kitchen Clean – The kitchen is where majority of the pests love to thrive and survive. Moreover, it is the conditions of the kitchen pests love to invade homes. Keep your kitchen clean by cleaning the stove-tops, counters, racks and the drawers.
  2. Keep the Bathroom Clean – Bathroom cleaning is also mandatory if you wish to keep pests entering your home. Clean the pot least once in two days by using toilet cleaner. The sink of the bathroom is also mandatory to be kept clean. You also have the drain that should be cleaned in order to avoid any form of clogging.
  3. Keep Fruits and Vegetables Inside the Fridge – Keeping fruits and vegetables outside the fridge attracts flies and other insects. The problem becomes bad to worse especially if the veggies and fruits are overripe. Therefore, keep them inside the fridge.
  4. Keep Disposing the Garbage on a Daily Basis – The garbage of your bin should never be kept for more than one day. Not disposing them will only attract rats, ants, cockroaches etc.

It is still recommended to hire a professional that offers services like cheap pest control in Brisbane even while under a tight-budget.