The Perfect Pet Carrier For Your Pet

The pet carrier is an essential part of your travel plans if you plan to fly with your pet. It is important to choose the right carrier for your pet. This should not be done in a hurry. Your pet will need to adjust to the new "temporary" space.

The first thing you should decide about when your pet is going to fly with you is whether it should have a hard or soft side. Small dogs will usually fit comfortably in carriers that slide underneath the seat in front of them (inside the cabin). 

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A soft-sided carrier is recommended. The airline will determine the size of the carrier that can fit into this space. A hard-sided carrier is required for pets of medium to large sizes.

It is important to choose the right size pet carrier. Properly sized carriers will allow your pet's ability to sit up, lie down and turn around in the carrier. Pet parents often try to fit their pet in a soft-sided carrier so that they can take their pet inside. 

This is a huge mistake. A carrier that is too large will not provide your pet with the security it requires. You should also ensure that your pet is comfortable and has adequate ventilation.

It is a good idea to purchase a pet carrier well before you travel so your pet can become used to it. This will reduce stress for your pet during travel. 

Place the pet carrier in their home with some of their favorite toys and blankets. This will allow them to become familiar with it. Let your pet use the carrier as it pleases.