Growth in Physician Assistants – Expanding Accessible Medical Care

Your health is the most valuable asset you have. The medical world is rapidly changing. There is a shortage of doctors in the United States, while there is a greater demand for healthcare.  

Due to a shortage of primary care doctors, thousands of Americans are without health care and have to wait weeks or months before they can see their doctor. Many people are unaware that they can get health care without having to wait. Americans now have more options for health care because of the increasing number of physician assistants.  

A physician assistant is a certified medical professional who is licensed to work under supervision and provide comprehensive medical care. Physician assistants are also known as PA-Cs. 

Primary care doctors provide medical services with no insurance hassles. It includes diagnosis and therapeutic care, treatment and management of chronic illnesses and diseases, prescription writing, and inpatient care in hospitals. They can also help with the surgery.

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The education requirements for physician assistants include laboratory and classroom instruction, supervision in pediatrics, women’s health, and clinical instruction in emergency, family, and internal medicine. Physician assistants and medical students often work together in the same classes or rotate. 

Many physician assistants provide exceptional medical care. According to studies, the public's opinion of physician assistants confirms that they can provide excellent medical care. Physician assistants and supervising doctors work together to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care.  

The rapid rise of the profession of physician assistant has made it easier to access medical care, especially in rural areas. Medicare and most insurance companies will cover the medical services provided by physician assistants at a set rate. Some states allow physician assistants in their state medical associations to become members.

These highly skilled and dedicated professionals have helped millions of people across the country to get health care.