The Right Photocopier for Your Business

There are many options when it comes to choosing a photocopier to fit your office. There are many photocopiers available on the market, each with different speeds, functions, and prices. There are three options for how you buy it: renting, leasing, and buying it. Finally, you need to think about the maintenance and service plans to address any issues that may arise during the life of the machine. This guide will help you to make an informed decision about your photocopier from the sale.

Which Commercial Printing Option is Best for Your Business

Your photocopier requirements

The key to selecting the right photocopier is to assess your needs. This will help you determine which machine is best for your office. The following questions will help you start the process: How many copies do you need on a monthly basis. Are you going to need both black and white copies? How many copies are you going to need and what paper type would you prefer? Do you require additional functions like image editing and double-sided printing? Do you expect your photocopier will also be a scanner and fax machine?

Desktop photocopiers

Although desktop photocopiers may seem smaller than floor-standing counterparts (although they are more compact), this term can be misleading. They will usually take up most of a desk. These can be an affordable option for small- to medium-sized businesses that have fewer users. Although they have a smaller tray capacity and print speed than floor-standing photocopiers', their sorting options are much better. However, desktop photocopiers at the top of the market offer the same image editing capabilities as larger models.

Floor-standing photocopiers

A floor-standing photocopier will be the best choice for most medium to large offices and those who require high-quality print services. These machines are stand-alone, larger than the others, and have larger print heads.

The average speed of floor-standing copiers is between 20 and 105CPM, with a maximum monthly print volume of 1,000,000 copies. Giant printing hubs that can print at 110CPM+ are found at the top of the market. However, these machines are typically used by professional printers and not offices where copying and printing are the primary tasks.