4 Signs You Need a New Roof (Or Extensive Roof Repair)


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1. View your notes

Look back at your home improvement receipt or previous roof repair and redistribution. A typical asphalt roof will last about 30 years. As your roof approaches that figure, it may be time to think about a new one. In addition, if a roof is installed over an existing layer, it will have to be removed and replaced in less than 20 years.

2. Starting from the ceiling

On a clear day, climb up to your ceiling and look for light rays penetrating the floor or discoloration, spots, or scratches. This could indicate a hole through which sunlight could enter, or a leak if water got in.

3. Check your board

Did you find your garden cluttered with wooden planks after a violent storm? Your roof shouldn't do this. So if you find any mismatches, cracks, damage, or distortion, you have to repair or even replace them.

4. A new flash

Flashing is very important because it surrounds vents, roofs, chimneys, and more, and seals both the outside and the inside from the inside. But these seals and coatings can weaken and crack over the years, especially if they're often roasted in the hot Texas sun! In older homes, some of the lightning bolts were made of roofing tar or cement, which were not ideal.