Tips and Advice for Easing Pregnancy for Scoliosis Sufferers

Back pain during pregnancy is not a new concept, but for people with scoliosis, you need to consider it before undergoing the pregnancy process. 

Scoliosis is a spinal disorder in which the position of the spine deviates into an S or C-shaped curve, which can be very painful during pregnancy. However, this is not a reason to delay your pregnancy as you can still go through with the pregnancy with proper pain management techniques.

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1. Practice good posture:

You will find that the center of gravity shifts as your baby develops and can force you to fall forward. This can cause spinal stress, increased distortion, and pain. There are some simple things you can do to reduce back pain symptoms, such as:

• Stand tall and upright

• Keep your chest up

• Keep your shoulders relaxed and back, don't lean forward.

2. Wear the right clothes and accessories:

What you wear also matters if you are pregnant and have scoliosis. Some items of clothing that can help you relieve back pain during pregnancy if you have scoliosis are maternity pants and a support belt around the waist. It is also recommended to wear flat, low heels to relieve the strain that high heels can place on the spine as well as the back and neck.

3. Upgrade properly:

Regardless of whether you have scoliosis or not, you should always lift objects in a manner appropriate to the size and weight of the object, not only to prevent back pain but also to protect your sensitive spine.