The Qualities Of Portable Air Compressors

Portable air compressors are very useful and versatile. This is a must-have for any job involving portable spray painting, drilling, or nailing. A portable air compressor can force you to use a spray gun in place. If you want to get more information about air compressors, visit

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They can also be used to power other devices such as pneumatic nailers. You can even use it to inflate a lot of things. The biggest benefit of portable compressors is that you can take with you anywhere.

It can be moved from place to place easily and has many applications. Although not suitable for equipment requiring a high volume of compressed air, a portable air compressor can meet a lot of other challenges and prove their usefulness.

Types of compressors and their advantages

The direct drive compressor is where the motor is directly coupled to the pump. It is based on the co-axial design and typically one stage. In such a system the air is compressed only once. The types of compressors work efficiently at low pressure. 

These units are fairly inexpensive and are available in two variants, lubricated and oil-free. Oil-free compressors low maintenance and can be moved around without the risk of oil spills. They also have little chance of contamination of the paint during the atomization process.

The usefulness of a portable air compressor

Portability of equipment makes it versatile. A portable air compressor is equipped with a handle and wheels for easy movement and positioning. A portable air compressor can easily be used to inflate car tires, spraying the garden fence, and even for low power nailers or exercise. Oil-free compressors have no risk of contamination and require very low maintenance if at all.