Reverse Hypers – A Strength Training Equipment for Powerlifters

Reverse hypers, a strength training equipment, are used by powerlifters for the development of their hamstrings, glutes, and lower and middle back. 

This patented fitness equipment is ideal for strength athletes and powerlifters and is invented by the legendary powerlifter and strength trainer Louie Simmons. Louie invented this equipment after he broke his fifth lumbar vertebra. You can also join southern Sydney powerlifting gym.

This product was patented in the year 1993. This machine helps to increase squat and bench and is ideal for strength and rehabilitation.

Ultra Supreme Reverse Hypers

This fitness equipment focuses on developing the back muscles. This is used with a table set straight; it produces a similar effect that one can get on the other strength training equipment invented by Louie. 

In the concentric phase, this device helps in dynamic strength development; in the eccentric phase, it serves as a rehabilitation mechanism. 

While doing powerlifting training, this machine helps to stretch and depressurize the low back muscles gently with blood and the spinal column with spinal fluid.

While using this equipment tilt down the table toward the front, this helps to feel the stretch and decompression completely, especially into the complete thoracic area. 

The machine can be tilted down towards the rear to get a 45-degree hyper; it is ideal for stimulating the gluts and erectors. This is great fitness equipment that can help powerlifters to develop their lower back muscles like never before.