Tabata With Dumbbells – Essential Tips

A new year, new start and new goals for you – that is what you have in the future to look forward to when you go out shopping for yourself a new set of 5Kg Dumbbells. It's easy to go for the most expensive, flashy brand and to use it all the time but the end result will never be as good as if you used dumbbells with which you trained with. If you want to shape up your body and arms then you could go for a really good set of 5Kg Dumbbells which will start off your training and you could always go for even bigger and sturdier weights as you progress along. The key to weight training is getting in the habit of using dumbbells and getting used to the variety of exercises that are available out there. Here are some basic exercises that you could do on the side with your 5Kg Dumbbells.

The Tabata is one such exercise, which is quite popular amongst fitness experts and is quite easy to understand. You need to hold the dumbbell in your hand between your legs, bend your knees slightly and then lower it down slowly. Do not try to jerk the dumbbell off your hands or extend your body at the same time. Instead, make a controlled movement and let your body remain in that position for only a couple of seconds before releasing it slowly. Do not bother with sets 1 reps 20 weight because this exercise does not require heavy weights and therefore you won't feel like putting out a lot of energy to complete it.

Another exercise which you could do with your 5Kg Dumbbells is the pst jump. What is meant by the pst jump is that you will stand in front of a chair, bend your knees and then jump straight up with your arms held behind your head. The beauty of this exercise is that you are able to complete it without looking down at your feet. If you want to learn the Tabata with dumbbell lunge, the first thing that you need to master is the correct posture as described by the instructor in the video posted above.

There is another exercise that you could perform with your Tabata. In fact, you should also focus on improving your balance and core strength during your workouts. This is another Tabata exercise that makes use of the five-kg weight. The Tabata with dumbbell lunges is similar to the pst jump as the weight is held in front of your legs and you need to keep your back straight while lunging up with your arms held high above your head.

Another essential exercise that you must master is the mountain climber. In the video posted above, the Tabata instructor stresses the importance of keeping the head straight, maintaining a steady pace even as you go up and down the mountain. You have to inhale for two seconds and exhale for the same amount of time while you try to raise the weight above your head using both of your hands. Once you are up to the second level, you will release the weight and then start concentrating on raising the weight again in a steady motion.

There is one more exercise that you should definitely master during your training with Gozo (The gym). It is called the double arm row which basically requires you to lie on your stomach and raise both of your arms above your head using only your hands to support them. While you are holding the weight above your head, you must simultaneously pull your shoulders towards your ears and this should help in getting the best results during your training with Gozo (The gym).