Why You Should Get A Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is simply picking up your phone from the dock and placing it on the charging station. Wireless charging can’t be done completely wirelessly, as the charger must still be plugged into the main power socket. An efficient productwireless charger for sellingis availablein the market these days thatyou can buy for more convenience.

A wireless charger can be in three forms: a stand, mat, or pad. Qi is the most popular wireless charging technology today. It is pronounced “Chi” and is used by many brands, including Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

How does the magic happen behind the scenes? Here’s a quick primer:

1. Inside your phone is a small receiver coil made from copper.

2. The wireless charger also contains a copper transmitter coil.

3. The magnetic field is converted into energy by the transmitter coil when your phone is placed on the wireless charger.

4. This energy is then converted into electricity to power your phone. This is called electromagnetic induction.

The receiver (phone) communicates with the charging station. Wireless charging can be successful if the phone allows it to receive power.

Wireless charging is safe, contrary to popular belief. Because it carefully manages the charging process, wireless charging won’t cause any damage to your smartphone’s battery. Although wireless chargers can emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation, the frequency at which it emits it is very low, Wireless chargers in their current form won’t pose any danger to human health.