The Best Debut Movies

Debuts are always a great spectacle, even if the films themselves are not great, it’s very interesting to see what your favorite writers accomplished on their first film journey. However, subsequent films were an important part of cinema, especially as the director’s first step into the big screen. You can check cinema’s best debuts at

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  • El Mariachi. Before a similar blockbuster in Sin City, Robert Rodriguez made his first feature film at the age of 23 for just $ 7,000. He raised money by volunteering for medical experiments, during which he also met some of his leading voices. Rodriguez kept costs down by not having a crew. Instead, he is a screenwriter, director, cameraman, producer, and editor, using friends and locals as unpaid actors.
  • Childerns. Larry Clark lives a very sincere and sincere lifestyle as a teenager from New York, where we follow kids with the same name for the typical days of their lives when they spend time between drug use, skateboarding, and unprotected sex. The film was made and filmed during the AIDS era in the mid-1990s and attracted a lot of negative media discussing its artistic merits. Since then, the film has become a fierce cult classic due to its relentless portrayal of overgrown children.