The Conclusion For Transparent Customization

Brands operating such tactics require a reason, a regular package of products or services that can be adapted to specific groups, and resources to extract data.

Netflix is an illustration of transparent customization. What does with its recommendation list, where the company offers shows and movies that may be of interest to certain users?

The grand hotels also manage to surprise their guests with their favourite dishes and drinks at every check-in. Mass customization has a large impact on industrial potency. 

Companies that made adjustments experienced an increase in productivity by 62% in the last 2 years. Companies are using online product customization for their business. You can get full information on online product customization via

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When it comes to contributing to the luxury business, mass customization relationships are essential and are referred to as the producer-consumer “learning relationship” as described by Don Peppers, Pine, and Martha Rogers.

This learning relationship explains how producers and customers manage to develop sustainable relationships with each other, which are enhanced through interaction and various forms of collaboration tailored to the specific needs of consumers.

The goal of mass customization is to provide the ability to create, anticipate and fulfil specific consumer needs in a transparent, attractive and mutually beneficial relationship for the company and the customer.

For industries or companies that want to offer their customers a very satisfying or even surprising product based on creativity and innovation, such as luxury, mass customization is an important strategy in the long run.